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Questa Consulenza altamente professionale, ti permetterà di scoprire il colore della tua carnagione ed il suo sottotono

Sarai in grado di individuare i colori amici che illuminano il tuo incarnato ed i colori nemici che lo spengono

Conoscere il colore della tua carnagione ed il suo sottotono è utilissimo per scegliere la palette make up, i colori dell' abbigliamento e degli accessori

Inoltre è importantissimo che la colorazione dei capelli segua l'imprescindibile fattore C Carnagione

style gift card


Give the style gift Card, your gift will be original, refined and unique, you can choose the combination of services to be included in the gift voucher.


Go shopping It is perhaps one of the wonders of life. And by staying in Rome you are spoiled for choice

To discover the trendiest shops in the capital, immerse yourself in the coolest markets in search of vintage clothing and accessories OR visit concept stores and outlets

The added value of these services is to have a professional Fashion Stylist available for the entire tour, with over twenty years of experience in the film industry who will give valuable advice for purchases

shopping tour
consulenza guardaroba a domicilio



The aim is to understand what to wear and in what context, create new combinations, draw up a shopping list for missing items, readjust unused items and eliminate everything that is not suitable for image enhancement.



Each face is unique, but always traceable to a geometric shape.

Did you know, that there are seven different face shapes?

Through the careful analysis of the physiognomic features and the peculiarities of the face, a make-up artist, with cinematographic experience, will reveal all the tricks, to identify the strengths, to be emphasized to obtain a quality image and above all in what way minimize any disharmony.

corso make up


shopping tour prima e dopo


Monica is the woman we would all like to have as a friend. I was lucky enough to receive a gift card from him and it is a fun and constructive experience. Besides being sunny and positive she is prepared, attentive and accurate. After we met in her studio to take photos and a questionnaire on tastes and desires, she immediately offered me to be able to send me photos on the looks that she saw suited to my figure in the following days (also adapting to my work outfit needs). Later we saw each other in a street in the center of Rome where we spent the morning in a couple of shops trying on all possible outfits. For me it was a very fun experience, I learned how to choose fabrics according to my body, how to mix refined and urban styles in the same suit, that certain models are "too much" not only for me but they all hurt. Monica has a "clinical" eye and made me focus on aspects of the garments that were unthinkable to me. For me, who almost always go around in jumpsuits, finding myself in a Prince of Wales double-breasted was TOP I can't wait to do the day shopping with her. If you want to make yourself, or hit someone with an unusual but definitely fantastic gift, contact her. For me it will remain one of the most beautiful.


restyling look 360° prima e dopo


Monica's Personal Stylist service is truly worth 5 stars +! I am so happy to have met Monica, she is a great professional with a solid experience in the field of fashion. I contacted her for a 360-degree restyling service. It was a wonderful experience, Monica is not only a stylist but a real fashion coach who helps you find the style that suits you: clothing and accessories, haircut, make-up and your image in the fullest sense of the word. It was a real revelation for me! I had a lot of fun with the shopping tour, and I went out with some really targeted purchases. Monica has an eye for beautiful things that enhance you. Since I did the restyling with Monica I have received many compliments from friends and acquaintances for my outfits, I must say that she really taught me a lot!


Costumer Designer - Personal Stylist - Fashion Coach

Via Laura Mantegazza 11 Rome

restyling look 360° prima e dopo


The 360 look restyling service was like a little magic, a gift to my femininity a little dulled by time. I thank Monica and her staff who, with professionalism, great discretion and sensitivity, have brought out the woman I didn't know I was. Husband and children really enjoyed my new style. I love you, thank you!

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