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Each face is unique, but always traceable to a geometric shape.

Did you know, that there are seven different face shapes?

Through the careful analysis of the physiognomic features and the peculiarities of the face, a make-up artist, with cinematographic experience, will reveal all the tricks, to identify the strengths, to be emphasized to obtain a quality image and above all in what way minimize any disharmony.

The first step will be, identify your face shape and complexion tone.

He will explain to you step by step, how to put on make-up, to enhance your image, which are the colors that illuminate your complexion and which ones to avoid.

In the self make up instead, the make-up artist will proceed only on one half of the face, in the other half you will be the one to try your hand, immediately putting into practice the precious teachings.

You will be given a personalized make-up card, with the procedure and products used.

We will take photos and make short videos, throughout the consultation, which will be sent to you later, to be consulted to practice at home

Duration approximately 2 hours


fashion coaching

A revolutionary journey that will change your life forever


We will take a snapshot of your style, using an extremely effective tool in Coaching "The Wheel of Style"

We will analyze all the aspects that contribute to making the look unique and unmistakable: Silhouette Analysis, Fitness, Nutrition, Physiognomy and Make up, Complexion and Hair Color, Hairstyle, Posture and Posture, Dress Code, Focus Fabrics, The Strength of Accessories, Restyling Look and Self-esteem. You will have to list your degree of satisfaction for each aspect, in this way we will trace your path even better, we will understand together what are the elements to work on and to implement to obtain a sophisticated and unique style, in line with your desires and in harmony with your physical and physiognomic characteristics.

We will identify your Mantra Style or the phrase that will illuminate your path.

This highly professional Fashion Coaching Path aims to provide the client with the tools that will allow her to independently build a unique and unmistakable style, in harmony with her own physical characteristics.

As for me, passion, energy, competence, professionalism and over twenty years of experience allow me to guarantee a 100% excellent result but on the other hand there is you, constant commitment, audacity and determination, will allow you to realize your desire and hit the target.

Balance, positivity, exercise and willpower will serve us to obtain wonderful results, for this I will ask you to do some essential readings to illuminate our path.

Following each meeting, handouts and information material will be issued to you, which will be useful for you to consult at the end of the course.

Between one meeting and another, you will be asked to practice in the various topics covered and I will ask you to send me photos of the outfits you choose daily or for special events.

The program includes a follow-up, lasting 6 months, the programming of which can be decided together.

With all my heart, I make you an immense wish, for the realization of your desire

"Having style means knowing who you are, what you want and don't care"

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