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shooting fotografico

Fashion photography, or fashion photography, is a photographic genre whose purpose is to portray and enhance clothing, accessories and other objects related to fashion

Whether you are a model, an influencer, a blogger, an ordinary person who wants to amaze himself in front of a goal, a brand that needs to advertise its products

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Shooting usually consists of four steps

1 °) We will meet in my studio for a chat, I will collect information about the concept of the project, the mood, the season and many other useful elements

2 °) I will prepare a moodboard in pdf with 360 ° proposals, outfits, accessories, hairstyle, make up, nails and many other useful details to make the styling unique and unmistakable, in tune with the style of the project

3 °) I usually propose a complete test, in my studio, involving the entire team, Stylist, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, to fine-tune any changes and variations, and not have surprises on the day of the shooting

4 °) We will be in location, ready for the Shooting, we will start with the Make up and Hairstyle, followed by the Stylist will take care of assembling the outfits agreed during the test and attend all the complete dressings

shooting fotografico moda
shooting fotografico

The complete Team will be present throughout the Shooting, intervening for any variants already agreed previously

In addition to our team, Stylist, Make up Artist, Hair Stylist, we are able to provide Location, Photographer, models, interior decorator, director

As for the Outfits, we could provide them ourselves or rummage through your wardrobe and create winning combinations, in line with the project

In the case of show business personalities, we have a large sponsor portfolio (clothing, accessories, jewelry, footwear) to draw from and who will be happy to dress movie, TV and music stars

If you are looking for something in particular, we are able to study and create the ad hoc proposal for you, in tune with your tastes, budget and desires.

shooting fotografico
shooting fotografico
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